20 weeks!

Feeling much better! Still getting use to this extra mass, but I couldn’t be happier when I see that belly growing!!

Went swim suit shopping and found that even an XL top doesn’t fit these new DD’s, so any suggestions are welcome!!! :)

I’ve started feeling baby movements!!! The first little kick was the craziest thing I have ever felt! I love laying back and watching my little one move around! The feeling if having him/her with me all say makes everything 10x better.

No strange cravings really, although I’ve been eating a lot if green apples.

Next week we find out the gender!!! Can’t wait!!!

Morning Sickness

I am about 9 weeks pregnant, and my morning sickness is not just for the morning.

I am currently eating about two small “meals” a day.

I do not recommend doing this as it is very unhealthy for you and your baby. I am trying to get down smoothies and popsicles at least, to get something in my belly. This is making me very tired and more nauseous. It also makes me very sad, as I feel as though I am not doing my duty as a mother.

According to the Doctor this should be over by the time I hit my second trimester. Once I start feeling better it will be so much easier to eat the way I want to eat for our baby, and focus on being active and preparing my body for labor.